Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week two exercise and playlist

Hello everyone! We are back with another set of easy exercise for you. These can all be done in your home and using things around your home! I hoe you find them as fun and exciting as we did!

An At Home Workout Anyone Can Do in 10 Minutes

1. Start with your kitchen chair to warm up. Sit down and stand back up. Do this for one minute.
2. Go to the stairs and start climbing up one step at a time. Go up and down 8 to 10 times. If you don't have stairs, use a small step stool. Position it next to a wall so you can place your hand on the wall for balance. Step up and down on the stool (up with the right foot and then up with the left foot, down with the right and then down with the left) for one minute.
3. Go to a wall and place your back against it. Your feet should be about one foot away from the wall. Now, slide down the wall until the hips are parallel to the knees. The knees should be directly over the ankles. Keep your back pressed against the wall and place your hands comfortably on the thighs. Hold this position for one minute using an egg timer. If you can't make the full minute, hold as long as you can.
4. Sit in the kitchen chair and hold detergent bottles, one in each hand. Curl them up toward your shoulders to work the biceps. Do three sets of 12 with a rest in between sets. Drink some water while you rest.
5. Place a three-foot strip of masking tape on the floor in front of you. Stand on one side of the tape and with both feet hop over the tape. Go back and forth for one minute on the egg timer. If you can't jump with both feet, hop one foot to the other foot. Once you get the hang of it you will progress to hopping with both feet. This is great for getting your heart rate up, burning calories, strengthening your bones and improving balance.
6. Go back to the chair and hold the detergent bottles again, this time extending your arms out to the sides. Raise them up until they are at shoulder level. Then return them back down to your sides. This exercise works your shoulders. If the weight is too much, pour out some water, but make sure you keep the same amount in each bottle.
7. Walk to the bath tub (or you can use the kitchen chair) and sit on the edge. Place your hands on the edge of the tub with your fingers hanging over the front edge. Pull yourself off the edge so you are supporting yourself with your arms. Lower yourself down and up by bending your elbows. Do three sets of 12. This exercise is for the back of the arms, the triceps.
8. Finish up the workout by getting on the floor near your coffee table (or ottoman). Place your feet on the table and lift your hips up off the floor and squeeze the hips and buttocks. Lower back down. You will feel this in the back of your legs. Do three sets of 10 lifts.
9. Keep yourself in the same position and place your hands behind your head. Lift your shoulders up off the floor and exhale as you lift. This is for your abs. Do three sets of 15.
10. Lie flat on the floor, arms stretched out and legs extended. Breathe in and out while you relax.

Enjoy these! Remember the reward at the end of all this is being healthy!

To get you in the mood to work out we have our week two playlist for you!
week two by val on Grooveshark

We love you guys!

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