About us

about us
Hello, my name is Marlene. I’m a single mom of two boys who I love more then
anything in this world. I work by day as an administrative assistant in NYC and by
night a mom and crafter. In the past I’ve always tried to lose weight, I even started
to follow the Weight Watchers diet plan. I didn’t go to meetings or sign up online; I
was just winging it on my own. I lost almost 20 lbs and then I just quit – I gave up –
I lost my determination and drive. When December 2011 rolled around and everyone
started picking out their words for 2012 I knew instantly what I wanted my word to be:
PERSEVERANCE. I knew I needed to lose this weight and get healthy. I have diabetes
in my family, my mom has it and her mom had it and she got it around the same age as
I am. I don’t want to be plagued with health problems now or in the future. I’ve been
sharing my weight loss journal pages on my blog and my lovely friend Val asked to do
this journey with me. I was so happy and excited. To have a friend to share this journey
and to have the motivation and encouragement from someone who is going thru the same
things I am, it would be amazing. And so we got to talking and we wanted to share our
journey with all of you. And so Crafty Girls Get Healthy was born. I’m looking forward
to getting to know you all better, to hopefully offer lots of encouragement and love and to
have fun.
about us
Hello everyone. My name is Val Gould-Lopez. I am a newly married 30 year old living in Minnesota. I am a crafter who likes donkeys and long walks in the woods. * wait did that just sound like some weird dating ad?* Sorry!
In all seriousness I am here to help motivate myself and others to know they are worth it. Worth the work and sacrifice to be healthy. To be the best they can be.

I have never been a slim person. Hips and wide backsides run through the women in my family. I also have never really considered myself really over weight until recently. Over the last 7 years I have gained 50 pounds, going up 4 sizes in pants.
Over the last few months I have made conscious efforts to look at what is not working for me and what is causing this in my life.
If I am being completely honest, and I am, most of my issues are laziness or lack of motivation and portion control. My family heritage comes from farming or being in the woods. Huge family dinners at night were always there and never portion controlled. You cleaned your plate or it was wasteful. The older I got the more I realized this wasn’t a good way of eating, but some habits break harder than others, and frankly I lacked the motivation to break these habits.
Growing up with 5 brothers and sisters in the country we were always active. ALWAYS. I played softball for 10 years, but the older I got the more I lost my drive for being active. Now I prefer to sit at my craft table. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, except it can’t be the only thing you do.
You need balance in your life. You need to move as much as you sit.
Me and my husband have also struggled to have a baby. 6 years ago I miscarried and have not been able to get pregnant since then. I know that weight is not the only factor but I also know it plays a role and that my weight gain is only hurting my chances that much more.

But I am here to say this is all changing. Changing because I have realized I am worth it.
I am worth getting healthy to help me be a mother. I am worth getting healthy to be more active with my husband and puppy. I am worth the work that goes into getting healthy because I know the reward will be amazing. Change is finally here because I am so sure, I am worth it.

I am happy to have you all along on this journey with us and I hope that through this you all are taking the first steps to see just how worth it you are.