Friday, March 30, 2012

Journal prompt week two

(Hey everyone we just wanted to make a quick note that we are so proud of you all and super excited about the response we are seeing! We are loving your comments and hearing your stories and seeing all the post's on facebook. We are also so impressed with the way you are all supporting each other! It fills us with joy! Lot's of love from Val and Marlene!)

Hello everyone. For week two we have bit of an art journal page for you to put in your journal. We still want you to continue to journal through out the week when you can but today we thought we would change it up just a bit.

We want you to make a collage or art journal page about why you are worth it. All the reasons that make you feel like now is the time to finally get healthy. Why you now see just how worth it you really are.

To help you out we have some printables for you. You can use all of these or none of these. You can make the page however you like. The important thing is that you are making the page and getting things down on paper. Seeing all of this in front of you and knowing you deserve this journey to get healthy.

(To use these just right click and save them then print them out.)

Have fun with this. Know that you are worth it!

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