Monday, March 26, 2012

Moving forward week two

Week two moving forward:

So how was week one for you all? Don’t worry if it was hard. The first few times you try something it may not go the way you like but by keeping at it you get used to it, you understand it, you get in a habit! This is what we want you to do. Make these new habits into routines for you.

We hope that you took last week to experiment with what times of the day are going to work for you to exercise. Now that you have that figured out focus this week and keeping up with it. On making it into a new routine for yourself and maybe even your family.

You are worth it and creating this new routine of being healthy in your life is going to be amazing for you!

If you are still feeling a bit unsure go back and look at your goal in your journal. Remember and re-focus on why you are doing. Go back and read our “you are worth it post”. Journal about it. Getting your feelings out on paper can help you sort through them. Email us if you need to chat, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!! Leave a comment, maybe the other girls are feeling the same way!
But know you are not alone, things will get easier and pushing forward will be so rewarding for you in the end!

We Love You! We know you are worth it! Don’t forget it!


  1. Week One was not that great ...I did very little walking..However...week two will be better for sure...!! Tomorrow I will get up and go for a walk gather my thoughts and let it all begin. Time to let go of the old and start with a new !!!

  2. Thats exactly right!!! keep going!! We are right there with you!!!