Friday, March 23, 2012

Journal Prompt week one

So each week we want to give you a journaling prompt to encourage you to record your process. To get your feelings on paper and to keep track of your success.

This week because it's week one and we have alot going on I am just going to give you and easy prompt. Some weeks we will give you harder yet fun ones with art stuff involved.

Prompt one:
Journal about why you joined this challenge.

We would like to encourage you to journal as much as possible even everyday if you can! It will help you stay on track. Try doing it at the same time as you fill out your exercise chart.

Happy journaling to you all!


  1. Here is my journalling on the question plus more....

  2. I am a little behind, but am looking forward to doing my art jounal page this week.....I started exercising again only about 5 weeks ago, so this little extra support is great.....thanks girls : )

  3. Way to go girls!!! We are so proud of you!!!