Monday, March 19, 2012

Deciding "I am worth it" week one

Welcome to week one. We are so pleased you all decided to join us! That you all decided
here and now that you are worth it! Because you are! You truly are worth it!
Over these 8 weeks we are going talk about a lot of things, getting healthy, staying
motivated, making time to exercise, making a goal and working towards it, but the most
important thing we are going to talk about it the fact that you are worth it!
You deserve to be healthy and happy. You deserve you time to take care of yourself.
You are worth it! You are worth the hard work it will take to reach your goal.
You only get one chance in this amazing world we live in so why not be everything can
be and enjoy the work and rewards it has to offer you.

Through out this challenge we are going to talk about more reason why you are worth it.
Why carving out you time is important. Why eating healthy is important. Why exercise
your mind and body and spirit is important. And the great thing is that we will all be
in this together, working towards the same goal. If you feel like you need to talk or
vent to someone, we’ll be hear to listen. We got your back!

So know that this challenge may be difficult. Know that at some point you may want
to quit. We’ll be there for each other, keeping each other from throwing in the
towel. You’ll have someone to be accountable to. Also know that we are here with
you, working through our own journeys and you are not alone. Know that the reward of
reaching your goal with be worth all your hard work. You are worth it!

“Put your heart, mind, intellect, and soul into even your smaller acts, this is the secret of
success.” –Swami Sivananda

So we would like to have you all sign a pledge for this challenge:
We want to you to sign this pledge. To know that it is true and to let it guide you.
So please print this out (you can right click on it and save it then print it) and paste it into the front cover of your journal.
Let this be the way you start this challenge and new journey. By knowing you are worth it!


  1. I got mine! Thanks for starting this group....I think it's going to really help!

  2. I printed my pledge!! More then most likely I will post here...!!! Thanks for Day One!! I need all the encouragement I can get !!

  3. Happy to have you girls joining in with us!!!

  4. so looking forward to this and copied the pledge ready, good luck chickens with you healthy life journals xx