Thursday, March 15, 2012


We are so happy to have you all here joining us in this challenge! That you have decided you are worth it! You truly are!
We just wanted to go over a couple things before we get started. We are not health guru's. We are not experts. We ARE your friends. We ARE wanting to spread love and encouragement.
A quick overview of the blog. On the left sidebar you will find our buttons and the followers. On the right sidebar you will find links to each week. If you rollover these images it will show the topic for the week. Those links will not work until we reach that week. On the Nav bar at the top of the blog you will find more tabs with links and goodies. You can read our stories in the about us section. You can take our challenge pledge in the challenge section. We also will be working on compiling online resources for you so keep checking up on that tab as new things will be added. In the Food products tab you can find out about new, interesting, healthy foods you may not yet have tried or heard from. That tab we will also be adding more things too so keep checking that one.
Another thing we want to mention before we get started is journaling. This is important to us. Writing things down is good for you. It helps you get your feelings out. It helps you work things out and process as you are writing. It helps you remember and keep track of stuff. Journaling is going to be a weekly thing we discuss. We would like you to have a journal ready for this challenge. It can be anything, don't feel like you need to go out and buy an expensive journal. It can be a little notebook you have laying around, it could be a comp notebook, or maybe you could make one from paper scraps you have on hand. Whatever will work best for you is what we want you to use.
We are going to give you the weekend to get a journal ready and then on Monday we will start with our regular posts.
So take the weekend to get prepared. To remind yourself again why you are doing this, because you are worth it!
See you Monday!


  1. Of course you know that a simple notepad would never be enough for a crafty girl like me. Altered notebook, here I come. Sounds like a great weekend project.

  2. perfect! Enjoy making your journal and thank you for being here with us!

  3. Hi everyone...I am getting my journal ready too,,,doing it now as I type..However the real question I wanna ask myself is? Am I ready ??,,,I need this so bad...and I hope I can stay focus and do this. Its good to know I am not alone in this. Thank you for doing this challenge. !!

  4. thanks so much girls for taking part in this! we're so excited to begin on Monday :)

  5. I have so many journals on hand, but I think I need something more special! Something just for this!!
    I will do this! We will do this!!

  6. Ummm.....what week are we on? ALL the thingies are showing stuff when I roll over them.

  7. week 1 starts mon 3-20. val designed the tabs to show the theme for each week.