Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making a goal week one

Making a goal and making time to achieve that goal

We know that this journey is not going to be easy. We want to help you along that journey. Let you know that you are not alone, you are worth it and give you some tools we think will help.

First we want you to make a goal.
Making goals for yourself is a good way to see the reward you are working towards and to document the process. Having it written down some where gives you a place to look back on when you are needing a boost. A refresher of what you are working towards.

So lets start with making a reasonable goal.
You want to have to work some for your goal but you also don’t want something that is so hard or completely unachievable. You need to find a happy medium. Now maybe your goal is simply to fit a bit better in your old pair of jeans, or maybe your goal is to lose 50 pounds. Now these are both achievable goals but only one will happen in this 8 week challenge. Yes you maube could lose 50 pounds in two months but it’s a lot healthier to lose it slowly over time. Also when losing it slower it’s more likely to stay off. So we want you to be aware of these factors when making your goal. If your goal is really to lose 50 pounds then that’s a great goal but know that it will and should extend the length of this challenge and that you should keep working hard when the challenge is over to achieve your goal! You are so worth it!

So on page one in your journal we want you to dedicate it to your goal board.
We are crafty ladies and we know a lot of your are too so we want you to make a collage on your first page all about your goal. You can paint, draw, cut up magazines, maybe scrapbook your goal. Just focus on getting your goal down and on paper. Making the page just as beautiful as your goal is! You and your goal are worth it!

Now that you have made a goal and have it on paper whats next?
Finding the time to work on your goal.
We know you are busy. We are busy too. How do find the time to get in some exercise?
Here are a couple suggestions. Try these out this week. We want you to use this first week as a getting into the routine week. Experiment until you find what works best for you and hopefully by next week you will have a new routine in place.
-Try exercising for 10 mins before you get in the shower in the morning.
-Try walking on your breaks at work.
-Try doing a simple workout routine while watching tv in the evenings.
-Maybe cut some minutes off other activities that are not helping you towards your goal and use those minutes to get active.
-One thing we would suggest is maybe not workout right before bed cause it get your energy up and then it may be difficult to sleep and getting your 8 hours of sleep is important also.
So use this week to work out your routine and to make your goal board in your journal, remember we are here for you and you are so worth it!!!


  1. Since I have no time for my paper journal, here is the the first page in blog form, for now....

  2. Well....I have set my goal! Now...I just have to get it in the journal. It is going to be to fit better into the jeans my girlfriend gave me after her bypass surgery! I LOVE them and they are SO cute!

  3. Good for you Katie!!! We are proud of you and you are worth it!!!