Monday, April 30, 2012

week 7: Keeping up with it when the scale does not reflect your efforts.

Hey girls, welcome to week seven!  We're coming close to the finish line of our challenge.  How's it going for you all?  This week we would like to talk about keeping up with your weight loss journey when the scale does not reflect your efforts.  Have you ever had a week when you ate all the right things, you exercised and put in all your best efforts and then you get on the scale and nothing? No loss at all?  It's happened to all of us and it's so frustrating.   In the past I would just give up because I kept going on the scale and not seeing the results fast enough and it would just deflate my enthusiasm to continue on.  My one big bit of advice is to not let the number on the scale affect you.  Sometimes we can see results in other ways; in the clothes we wear or measuring ourselves.  It may not always necessarily show on the scale.  Plus as women our bodies go through a lot of things during the month, water gain and loss and that sort of thing.  Not matter what keep going and don't give up.  Keep up all your best efforts and you will be rewarded.  It takes time to reach a goal and it may not always be easy, but keep with it and you will succeed!

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