Monday, April 16, 2012

week 5: Wrestling with Temptation

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 5.  How is everyone doing so far?  This week we’re going to talk about wrestling with temptation.  We’ve all made it through the midway point and you may be battling how to give up certain foods.  My weakness is snacking at night; yours may be something else entirely.  My kids and I always go down at night to make our “goodie run”.  Before I started on my journey, I would usually grab a bag of cookies and milk and eat to my hearts content.  Making a decision to get healthy and lose weight is not going to take away those temptations; it actually makes your temptations worst because you’re thinking you have to give up certain things.  Now we can’t continue to eat the way you used to, that’s how we got into this situation to begin with.  But I believe we can’t just give up a certain food entirely.  Say your temptation is pizza and you want to splurge one night, go ahead.  But remember to keep in account the extra calories you’re having and make up for it in another way.  Either cut back on something that day to compensate, or go ahead and find an alternative.  You can find a recipe and make your own pizza that is healthier and has fewer calories.  There is always a way to enjoy your favorite foods and not suffer on the scale.  Don't forget that we're here for you guys and we're going through the same issues.

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