Monday, April 9, 2012

Halfway through week four

Well How are you all feeling today? Fabulous I bet!!! We are halfway through our "I am worth it challenge!
Half way to your goal. Halfway to being the best you, you can be!!! Half way through all the hard work that is going to pay off in the end!

We know this journey may not have always been easy for some of you. For some of you maybe it was a piece of cake. We are all different and on a different path. The important thing is that each and everyone of us is putting in the effort and work to achieve our goal. That we know we are worth it and we are working towards it with all our strength!

By keeping up with you new exercise routines and your healthly shopping and food planning, your journaling and being active, these are all steps you are taking to acheive your goal and you should be proud of this! You are worth it and you deserve it!

So keep the momentum going in the last half of the challenge and you will finish feeling fabulous!!

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